Weeping Willow by Sandra Madera

                Part One

As humans we have a need to look for ourselves, and look for our identry and what life means to us. Chloe has always known who she was but has found out that she isn’t quite human and she doesn’t know who she really is. As her and her mother try to settle down, a door magically appears in the house along with a “man” out for Chloe’s blood as she is responsible for the raging war between two races. 

Part Two

Chloe aka Willow, has found out her reason for living and with the help of her mother escapes death to help her twin soul. Getting back the crown and re-uniting the two races will be hard, but with the corrupted King and Queen on both side dealt with Willow, her Mother and Willow’s twin soul can blaze a path of peace for their kingdom.

I give these two short stories 3 out of 5 stars. It was a really good short story but I feel like it wasn’t detailed enough for me to get my head into the world. That’s my favorite thing about books; the worlds that the reader lives in and explores while reading the book. Other than that I loved the book and would read it again and recommend it to people who don’t like to read. I read part one in about an hour of light reading and part two took about the same amount of time. 

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